Friday, January 12, 2007

Your EQ Skills Will Land You The Job Everytime

There was a time when all you needed to do to get that job was have the proper education and experience. Well that’s no longer the norm today. Human Resource specialists are well trained to look for the best communicators. Simply put, the better your communication skills, the better your EQ or emotional intelligence!.

There are many companies who will take a lesser qualified candidate over the so called perfect 10, simply based on his or her ability to express themselves well. They know that more often than not, good communicators are just plan better team players. Teams that were made up of 12 staffers only a few years ago, have been downsized to just 6, and man oh man .. they better be able to get along, because the workload for 12 hasn’t gotten any lighter, and there are only 6 staff driving the bus these days. Your team player skill set is a huge factor in getting the job or getting the promotion, and so it goes .. good communicators are invited join the team or move up in the company, every time.

We all know people who talk first and think later or seemingly, never at all. Well as a broadcaster for many years, I was used to talking out loud both on air and off. I can say with great certainty, that practicing what you want to say ahead of actually doing so, will teach you to speak better and trust me, that adds huge value in almost all situations.

Hearing your thoughts come together out loud , before anyone else hears them allows you to monitor and edit exactly what you are trying to say. That alone will give you are great degree of confidence. Work on your EQ skills, people will notice immediately and you’ll find them starting to ask your opinion on things.

I am not bashing the strong IQ folks out there at all. There know their stuff, they just can’t express it. When I teach and tutor college students, I always say, “learn the material as if you had to teach it”. This almost always guarantees a better learning experience and an experience that will aid them in the work force for many years.

Now let me leave you with this, when a recruiter asks “what do you know about our company” .. you had better have a good answer. This is your Aha interview moment! Regardless of what else happened in your interview, if you show that you’ve done your homework, your due diligence on the company interviewing you, and can speak clearly about what you’ve learned in your research .. you’ll score a great many points. WHY? Very simple, it tells them a lot about you. You’re a digger, a solution oriented person, someone who wants to learn, wants to know things. Yes, it does say all that and more about you.

When you get a job interview, it now quite frankly becomes your job to lose! So few get the call for an interview in the first place, and yet your experience and qualifications got you in the door. Turn on your EQ skills, and your opportunities will explode.