Tuesday, January 16, 2007

3 Job Interview Questions To Master

Do You Have Any Questions

Usually this question is always reserved for last during an interview, and it’s hardly a fluffy, throw away question. It may just seem like the interview is over and they are asking this question as a courtesy. FORGET ABOUT IT!! This can be the make it or break it interview question.

Your answer here will be the last thing they hear from you. You can so easily make it a memorable moment by having a really good question to ask. No self serving questions please, those are killers and reason enough to dismiss your chances. Asking about on going training’ or ‘if hired, I would be very interested in moving to the next level, can you tell me what certifications I would need’ or ‘can you tell me if there is a company policy in place should there be a Pandemic’ … a thinking person asks these type of questions. That’ll be a great impression to leave them with.

If you do proper research on the company first, you’ll come up with great questions.

What Do You Know About Our Company

This is clearly where they get to see if you’ve done your homework. And again, it can make or break your chances for being hired. Remember you got the interview because you were qualified, so here’s your chance to show up prepared, it’ll be your edge over the other guy, remember he’s qualified too.

This is a hiring process, in essence, a competition, go in proactive .. a passive approach to any interview will backfire. Always be assertive, and never ever be aggressive.

Can You Tell Me About Your Weaknesses

They never actually want to hear about a weakness, they do want to hear how well you express yourself and deal with the question. Your answer always has to end in a solution that can be applied to the job at hand. Here’s a simple and yet great sample I teach all the time. “I used to actually have a problem saying no to people, these days with my time management and setting priorities skill set, I no longer have that problem as my To Do List manages me first, and saying no, is now a non issue”

You can see clearly how a real problem got turned around and how you in fact let them know about other skills you already have.

The answers to these questions are not hard, just need prep and solid rehearsing out loud. Out loud because otherwise how will you know how smooth and convincing you are? That in itself will give you that extra confidence you need.

Make notes, practice out loud, more research, ask questions … it all works!! And as always, this is Job Search Made Easy