Friday, September 12, 2008

Job Interview Questions - The Final Frontier

I get more questions about preparing for the job interview than anything else. This of course assumes that your cover letter and resume have already cleared the way for you to get that elusive job interview.

If you look on line you`ll see sites that offer 250 job interview questions to know. Now come on man, there are at best maybe 25 absolute key questions and strategies in answering them. I mean what`s question #207 ... "what color are your dogs paws" .. really. Ok Ok that`s my rant on silly sites that focus on the wrong things. Less is more, almost always!

Here`s a question that no one & I mean no one ever takes seriously:

The recruiter wraps up & asks "Well that`s it Mike, thanks for coming in, do you have any questions?"

This question is worth as many points in the interview as any other question, it is not a fluffy throw away question at all. They want to see what you are thinking after the interview, it`s a perfect time to really leave them with a lasting impression.

Remember, it`s the last thing you`ll say to them prior to leaving & likely the one thing they just might remember that really made you stand out.

It`s an open question, meaning, it`s your show now, so ask away. Butttt NEVER EVER ask a self serving question, how much do I make etc .. that`s a sure fire killer.

Make your question an impression grabber & thus a memorable question/answer.

- Yes, thank you for asking, I am interested in your commitment to ongoing training as I do want to advance in this field. Do you offer training related to this position specifically.

- Yes, thank you for asking, I know that you have an ongoing newsletter. I have done some writing and would very much like to volunteer to help in that area.

See where I`m going .. not self serving at all, just you interested in growing and interested in helping the company. Be prepared to have maybe 3 or 4 good questions, as they may answer one or two during the actual interview.

To You Job Interview Success

Mike Perras, P.Mgr

PS - Don`t be a stranger, I welcome your feedback.