Tuesday, January 9, 2007

To Your Job Search Success

I will be sharing things about the Job Search Made Easy process here on this blog and also through my private newsletter, which I highly recommend you join immediately. As a college teacher today, I do in fact teach Job Search to Paramedics, PSW's, Business Students and I also consult privately. In addition, I also teach advanced interviewing skills.

One thing I know for sure, in 2007, the job search process has changed a great deal. There are very specific things you need to know about three critical areas .. Your Cover Letter, Your Resume and Your Interviewing Skills. Forget what you think you know, just keep an open mind to the way things are processed by Human Resources in 2007. This information applies to everyone, whether you are 23 or 63 years old.

Again, I would strongly encourage anyone who wants to stay current on the Job Search Process to join my newsletter (top right of this page). For example, I will share the 85% RULE .. it's a must know to speed up the job search process.

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