Friday, November 14, 2008

Take The Holistic Approach & Win!

I talked to the head of HR at a university recently and we discussed Holistic Recruiting. Her eyes were wide open while I described this approach. The simplicity of it was obvious. Instead of just looking at the credentials of a potential employee, professor, dean etc. Why not look at the whole person, the complete package.

Proper qualifications and experience get you the interview of course. It is the complete package, the entire person you really need to hire. Taking this approach, knocks many out of the competition immediately as their overall emotional intelligence is a non match to the environment you have carefully established at your university or company.

So let us reverse this for a minute and say you, a potential employee, take a Holistic approach when being interviewed for the job. Well, guess what happens, the whole you comes out in the interview, and it is done intentionally on your part. Now the whole you approach makes you a very interesting and desirable employee. Just make yourself interesting, because you are!

You do a lot of volunteer work, then say so. It usually means you are a selfless giver and thus a great team player ... see where I am going here.

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