Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Let Nepotism Be Your Friend

First off, I think we all agree that we hate any form of nepotism or patronage. That is of course unless it's working for you and then well .. we just look the other way.

When it comes to nepotism and getting hired, we've all NOT got the job or contract because of someone else who knew someone who in turn knew someone.

So, how can I make nepotism work for me? Pretty easy actually.

Firstly, embrace Wayne Dyer's quote "when you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change" I mean completely embrace it. We need to change how we think of nepotism. You need to make nepotism your friend or else you will be forever on the outside. "change the way you look at things .... " start right now!

The truth is, we all know people. We all do. Make it your goal to tell them what you want. Let the universe hear you say it out loud to everyone you know & who cares what they think, get your desires out there, get them out there LARGE.

Put your ego in the crapper man, ego is your worst nightmare, holding you back from all the good stuff out there.

Now, tell your friends, I WANT A JOB, I WANT THAT CONTRACT! Yeah but what will they think of me "who gives a crappola anyway" .. get the message out there and then just let it go .. but you have to take that first step and be clear about what you actually want.

It's a call to action .. like Nike says "Just Do It" .. no truer words are now needed in these horrid market conditions. It's not going to get any better for awhile. Make your desires for That Job, That Contract clearly known.

The friends you tell, will tell people etc ... and the social media channel will start working for you immediately ... this is nepotism 101 or like insider trading.

Ok Ok I was ranting a bit .... but really, just get out there & talk to your family, your buds anyone. It will come back to you sooner than you think. Ok done, more coffee!

To Your Job Search Success,

Mike Perras, P.Mgr

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