Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Taking Your Job Skills To The Next Level

Most of my focus has been on helping give you the extra tools to write the best cover letter possible, know what's expected on a resume, and knowing how to best prepare for the job interview.

But I always get emails from people who already have jobs looking to improve their current skills to give them an edge should there be another round of downsizing. And based on the economy of late, I'd say there's a pretty good chance another downsizing period is well underway right now.

So what skills do I need to have to stay marketable?

How about skills like these for starters:

- Increase your reading speed to over 25,000+ words per minute!
- Increase your peripheral vision and awareness
- Dramatically improve your concentration and focus
- Boost your self esteem and self confidence
- Reduce stress and become much more relaxed
- Become much more organized and effective
- Save a ton of time which can give you the freedom do more with your family and friends

I was just doing some research and thought you might like to see what this company has to offer:


Best Always,

Mike Perras, P.Mgr

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